Patronizing brands that fit our philosophy of future-driven, innovative, and inspiring products with creative, everlasting yet functional designs for a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Part of H&H Investment and Development Group, H&H Studio was born under the umbrella of H&H Procurement LLC. H&H Procurement holds two main divisions: Projects (FF&E turnkey) and Studio.

H&H Studio is a prominent name in the industry that aims to provide a platform which helps brands thrive. Established and supported by a creative and innovative team, H&H Studio lets brands discover their true essence and showcases it creatively to the world. Through its range of sophisticated products and white-glove service, it assists futuristic designers as well as clients in making better decisions regarding designing and selection of products.

With its client-oriented approach, H&H Studio serves as an incredible platform for interior designers, manufacturers, established commercial brands, and clients in the global market. Our company is an advocate of innovation, luxury, style, comfort, craftsmanship, and practicality. It patronizes brands and designers that present a mix of these elements in their products and services. In addition to empowering brands, we are always searching for hidden gems. Through a comprehensive scouting process, we polish, refine, and unveil hidden talent to the world, providing better opportunities and competitive prices.

Our platform serves as a lighthouse for thoughtful lifestyle designers as well as start-ups who don’t know how to display their inspirational products to their potential market.

Let us help you in your hunt for the perfect furniture brand or manufacturer to personify the true reflection of your aesthetics.

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